About Us

About Us: JOLYNEGLOW - Handmade jewelry with heart

We are Timothy, Verena, Jolyne and our loyal four-legged friends Sweety, Lilly, Balu and Bobby, accompanied by our elegant cat Princess. As a vibrant and animal-loving family, we share, live and create together under one roof. Our home is an oasis of love and creativity.


The idea behind JolyneGlow: A start in 2019

It started with the vision of creating jewelry by girls for girls - affordable yet high quality. Our journey took us to places where quality and affordable prices harmonized, and so our journey began.

But it soon became clear that mere trading was not our true passion. In 2020 we decided to take new paths and suddenly the Corona crisis stopped us in our tracks. This time of pause gave us the opportunity to reflect on what we really wanted.


A new beginning in 2020: authenticity and sustainability

We realized that our pursuit of jewelry that is exceptional, creative and fairly traded goes far beyond trading products. We dreamed of pieces of jewelry that not only reflect the beauty of the world, but also make a positive contribution to it. The idea of ​​climate-neutral, recycled precious metals became our motivation.

In order to meet this requirement, we started making the jewelry ourselves in mid-2021. Every day we immerse ourselves in the world of design and create unique, eccentric pieces of jewelry - with and without gemstones. Our creativity knows no limits and so new, inspiring ideas are constantly emerging.

Present in 2021: An exciting future

Today we stand proud, ready to reopen our online store and conquer social media with our enthusiasm. We cherish every moment of this journey and are excited for all that lies ahead.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and love for JOLYNEGLOW.

With shine and heart, JOLYNEGLOW